Take Action

Join #PoliticizeMyDeath in supporting local & national action to end gun violence.

We have had too many mass shootings in this country. We have endured too much police brutality. We have lost too many people to gun-related domestic violence. We have lost too many lives to “everyday” gun violence. Black lives matter. Women matter. Our children matter.

Freedom is being able to worship, learn, and be entertained without fear of being killed by a gun.

Now is the time to talk about gun violence in America.

How can you help?

  1. Sign the pledge and share your story or thoughts about gun violence with us. We will collect all of the signatures and stories to compile and share with legislators.

  2. Join your local March for Our Lives.

  3. Find a local student walkout, and buy t-shirts for them.

  4. Contact your representatives. You can tell them that you, a constituent, demands that they take action to end gun violence. Don’t know who they are? Find them here and here, or use the tool provided below to identify state and local legislators.
    Sample Letter:
    Dear _______________:
    My name is ________________ and I live in____________. I am one of your constituents and you represent me in congress. I am writing to tell you that I am beyond heartbroken with every mass shooting we have in this country. It’s time we do something about gun control and gun law reform. I need you to speak up for every American who has suffered the pain of loss as a result of gun violence. I need you to stand up against the gun lobby and protect the safety of Americans like me.

  5. Post on Social Media. You can create tweets, videos, Instagram captions, and Facebook posts telling your followers why you want your death politicized if you were to die as a result of gun violence. Hashtag it #PoliticizeMyDeath and invite people to sign the pledge at PoliticizeMyDeath.com You can also send your representatives Tweets and tag them in your Facebook posts. Be sure to use the hashtag #PoliticizeMyDeath so we can amplify your posts.

  6. Talk with your friends and family, and explain to them why you signed the pledge.

Use The Images & Tools Below to Amplify the Message on Social Media

If you need additional ideas for what to say when you contact your representatives ...

  • Visit the Giffords Law Center to learn about your state's gun laws, and how you might be able to change them to prevent more deaths.
  • Join Campaign Zero in their effort to stop the uniquely harmful practice of the state and police using gun violence against citizens.
  • Urge your representatives to take action on one of the legislative priorities of Everytown for Gun Safety.